Front tooth knocked out

Oh No I’ve knocked my front tooth out!

This is every parents worst nightmare to be confronted with their crying child who has had an accident and knocked their front tooth out.
Firstly don’t panic. Find the tooth, if it is a baby tooth then do NOT put it back in the mouth – don’t worry they will grow another one, however if it is an adult tooth it should be reimplanted as soon as possible.

Here is a step by step guide on what to do:-

Primary action: Tooth should be replaced as soon as possible after accident.
There are situations where tooth should not be replanted without first contacting a dentist. These are related to specific medical conditions:
• Where the child is immunosuppressed (on chemotherapy or had a transplant- heart, kidney, lung, ect…) or seeing a specialist (immunologist) to treat an immune defect.

A. In Cases where the Dentist has been informed by telephone on avulsion:
Instruction should be:
1. Stay calm.
2. Find the tooth immediately.
3. Gently rinse under running tap water or milk to remove large dirt particles.
4. Avoid scraping the root, and try to hold the tooth by the crown (NOT THE POINTY BIT).
5. Replace the tooth as soon as possible with the pointy surface going first into the socket and the crown end facing out into the mouth. (Place as far into the socket as possible until level with the other teeth, child will normally stop you as it will be sore before it is fully seated).
6. Keep the tooth in place by asking the child to bite on a piece of tissue, gauze, etc…
7. Seek immediate dental consultation and treatment Emergency Dental Service/A & E.

B. In cases where the parent/guardian is not capable of replacing the tooth at the site of injury:
1. Stay calm.
2. The parent/guardian should avoid touching the root or using disinfectant.
3. Put the tooth in a moist environment (preferably in cold fresh milk).
4. Attend to see Dentist immediately.

Let’s hope you never need to use this guide. Please consider having a mouth guard made for your child particularly if they play any contact sports. Prevention is always better than cure!

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