Introduction and Tooth Whitening

Welcome to our first blog. We are very proud of our practice and new website and hope you like it too.

The idea of these blogs is to talk about issues that patients commonly raise when they come to see us and hopefully provide some useful information to everyone out there.

For our first blog we are going to talk about tooth whitening – the gentle way to improve the appearance of your teeth.


A lovely patient came to see me some months back and they hated the appearance of their front teeth. What was the problem? They had tetracycline staining which causes yellowish/ brown stains. They were considering veneers but I suggested tooth whitening as this is much less destructive.

A few months down the line and it has made such a difference to their smile and well being and it is so easy to do.

Sometimes when patients have crowding of their front teeth but don’t want to go down the route of braces a course of tooth whitening can help to brighten them and although the crowding is still present the overall appearance is improved and the crowding less noticeable.

How does it work?

We use Carbamide Peroxide 10% which equates to 3% hydrogen peroxide. We provide custom made trays that patients place this solution in and wear 4 hours or overnight and it basically breaks down into water and oxygen and it is the oxygen factor that diffuses through the tooth structure and oxidises any stains. No tooth structure is removed in the entire process.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effect is sensitivity. But this is transient and will disappear once you stop whitening. There are sensitive toothpastes that can help to reduce the effects of this. Otherwise it’s pretty safe to use provided you have well fitting trays made and follow instructions.

This is why it’s so important to have the procedure done by a dentist as they can make and fit trays that don’t cause leakage and sore gums.

Does it work?

Yes, but remember how well it will work will depend on how long you want to do the treatment for and how white you want them to go. Bear in mind you probably won’t get Ross like whiteness – do you remember that episode from Friends? But it is great as a general uplift.

How long does it last?
Can last up to 12 to 18 months. My patients then top up as required.

Please call the practice as we have some great new patients offers on tooth whitening or check out our website.

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